Traditional Wear During Festivals And Occasions

Posted on Oct 2 2015 - 11:56am by admin

In India, we spend a lot of money and time in thinking what we wear and how we wear. We are traditional people, mainly opting to dress traditionally during festivals and occasions. Since we are always celebrating something or the other, we require suitable traditional dresses for the occasions. Splurging of a large amount of money on buying the right kind of dresses for occasions does not bother us too much. The best traditional dresses for women apart from sarees are: salwar kameez, anarkali suits, Punjabi Suits, straight and Bollywood suits.

  1. Salwar Kameez– While buying a Salwar Kameez, one has to keep various things in mind, like the length of the kameez or kurti, the style of the Salwar and the requirement of a Dupatta. At Trendy16, you will find various styles of kurti (long and short), in vibrant colours and designs along with suitable salwars and dupattas. Here, the salwar kameez are also priced in such a way that will give you a good deal.
  1. Anarkali Suits – These suits have recently changed the way of traditional dressing in India. Even Bollywood stars are opting to wear these to parties and occasions leaving western outfits. The Anarkali suits are suits with innumerable pleats or kali’s in the kurti which give them flair and a regal look. Such anarkali suits have been a big hit with the women of today and more are opting to wear them. Trendy16 with their wide range of traditional wear is the right place to look for a designer anarkali suit.
  1. Punjabi Suits – As the name suggests these suits are vibrantly coloured and are specially made in Punjab. These suits usually have short and tight kurtis with pleated salwars often also called “patiala” based on their place of origin. These suits are popular among youngsters as well as the aged ladies. Their material quality and good fit make them popular. At Trendy16, you can get a wide range of punjabi suits at affordable prices.
  1. Straight Suits – These suits are in trend nowadays and are basically straight parallel suits often worn with a palazzo pant at the bottom. Bollywood heroines are often seen wearing these suits and this has caused their popularity to rise. The models and heroines flaunting these straight suits have created hysteria for such suits among the women of today. Get your share of such suits from Trendy16 today and be the Fashionista among your friends and family. Order soon while the stocks last.

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