Name Monogram Obsession High on Vogue

Posted on Aug 6 2015 - 6:10pm by admin

Personalized jewelry is an evergreen trend which has barely left anyone untouched with its spark. It is a fun way to express one’s own personality. Customized jewelry is a reflection of your inner self. Not only neck pieces, but rings and earrings are also now engraved with the desired name or initials. Apart from names, celebrities have started following a trend of wearing accessories that speak of their twitter handle or some a caption that they follow or even a statement that describes them. It’s their way of being outspoken. This style has immensely hit the fashion street with its unique and exuberant look. Not just this, one can choose to customize any sort of an accessory. Engraving names, initials, surnames, zodiacs, quotes and symbols is a very dramatic yet modish way of wearing jewelry.

Graceful gift item

These accessories are perfect options for personal wearing as well as gifting purpose. There are some messages that you cannot speak. These expressions can be gifted through engraving them in a piece of accessory. These pieces would nicely bring the thrill out of you. These contemporary designs hold the attention of mainly the feminine genre and that is what brings it in trend. Turning names and initials into jewelry is indeed a master piece innovation. This brings out a personal sense of style that could be flaunted by anyone. By wearing these magnanimities, one stands out in a dense milieu. Moreover, these customized jewels, bring out the concept of self styling.

Expression of personality

Trend16 offers a wide range of engraved lockets that you can treasure for life. The lockets are available in gold as well as sterling silver. Rose gold and copper finished items are a popular upcoming trend. These jewels can be accentuated with a regular wear or even a classy evening wear. Monogram accessories are an expressive jewelry item that is flaunted by the young generation these days. An engraved message gives a stylish diva look and expresses an individual’s personality. These delightful products are designed by a skillful team of technicians who leave no stone unturned in blending individual style with sentiment charm. The stunning monogrammed art pieces come in a wide price range which is viable for all kinds of buyers. The pricing is cost effective and pocket friendly in accordance to the worthy quality of each item.

Effortless style

The monogrammed jewelry is crafted with intense refinement. It has become famous with its state-of-art design and picturesque quality. This style section has no boundation of trend or season. Simply engraving the name or the initials is not a very trendy idea. Embellishing it with a stone design or incorporating it with Arabic letters brings out a plethora of uniqueness. Simple wordings would blend well for casual purposes but for statement depicture one need to modify the engravings and add a dash of cursive, stylish or bold variations

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