Go Timeless With Your Wedding Trousseau

Posted on Nov 25 2017 - 1:01pm by admin

Planning the wedding trousseau can be very tricky. Every season brings a whole new collection in clothing and thus it becomes very difficult for the brides-to-be to settle on the kinds of designs that are timeless.

How Can you make Your Wedding Trousseau Rock?

Well, becoming a bride could be overwhelming. There is so much that you want to buy, especially the flashy and heavy dresses. They attract you like magnets. The more you explore collection from different stores; your urge of getting everything keeps on increasing. But one big mistake that all the ladies make with their trousseau is to jam it with heavy bridal outfits.

I mean, think rationally, you are not going to be dressed heavily every day of the week. And considering the classic tastes of the modern girl, dressing in extremely heavy clothes is not their cup of tea. It is best to pick the dresses wisely such as some extremely embellished attires whereas others with lighter work and embroidery.

It is wise to take the clothes that you can reuse comfortably. This can include crop tops and skirts, couture pieces, etc.


Wedding trousseau is not all about the dresses that you wear. It also includes accessories such as your hand bags, your sunglasses, the jewellery and everything else that you need to make you look flashy in those marital days. Since not everyone can afford matching jewellery and accessories along with each dress that you buy, it is best to keep the trousseau neutral. Buy colors such as browns or blues that can go with all kinds of dresses. This will also help you in saving a considerable amount of money.

You must have heard that “less is more” and preparing your trousseau is the right time to apply this rule. You can save money on these things by buying basics but always invest in quality products.

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