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Posted on Sep 24 2015 - 9:48am by admin

If you are a fashion freak and you love to follow the top fashion news and updates, you would already know that fashion is known to be ever changing. There are a lot of different designs that come in vogue and go out of fashion as well. If you take a look at sarees, you will find that a lot has changed with regards to the prints and style which were in vogue in the 90s compared to the trending saree designs now.

So, if you are one of those who wants to stay updated regarding the trending designs and the top fashion news and updates, one of the smart things to do is to keep an eye on the vogue lane. We have the finest stylish and fashionista who are always checking out the lanes of fashion and they will curate the right content for you. Let us give you a glimpse of this world right away!

Gowns Are In

In today’s times, if you attend any of the Indian weddings, you will find that western gowns are making a strong comeback. These days, a lot of different western gowns are in trend as you can easily spot a plethora of people wearing it. At Trendy 16, we have some of the most impressive and the best collection of different styles of both Indian and western gown and you can pick whatsoever suits you best.

Anarkali Kurti Has A Timeless Appeal

There was a brief period when Anarkali kurti started fading out of fashion. However, it is once again trending. The reason for Anarkali kurtis to be in trend is because of the timeless appeal it has. It looks elegant and classy and is best suited for weddings. Short kurtis are great for causal use, but if you are looking for a heavy kurti which you could wear to parties and even wedding ceremonies, we would recommend you to try out long kurtis or even kurti tunic along with Anarkali suits.

Georgette Sarees Are Graceful

If you are a fan of georgette sarees, you have every reason to be happy because they look graceful and are in vogue as well. You will find plenty of different designs to pick from as we believe in designing the best sarees design which you will surely love.

These are some of the latest scoop as far as fashion news and updates are concerned. What are you going to pick for yourself?

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